Classic World - Modern Tool Box

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Carpenters Wooden Tool Box Set

 A special classic well made gift for 1st Birthday , Christmas or siblings

    • The Modern Toolbox includes many handy tools from a hammer, screwdriver and wrench to lots of different cogs and screws. This is the ideal gift set for young children to play with and use in lots of different ways.
    • Includes elastic to keep every tool intact and ensure nothing gets lost!
    • Another well-made high quality classic world wooden toy. Easy to operate and provides great entertainment for curious little ones.
    • 29 x 8 x 24.5 cm
    • Suitable for 3 years +

    Another great design from Classic World. The modern toolbox provides every tool imaginable for children, including a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, gear and many other useful tools. They can build almost anything they want with this modern toolbox and the toy encourages children to explore different methods of construction. It is the perfect size to ensure easy transportation and can entertain young children for hours on end. The toy stimulates children’s interest in installing and repairing structures, whilst also improving organisation skills. It also packs neatly away into the foldable case for easy storage!


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Classic World - Modern Tool Box